#4disthenew3d:  4D Immersive Installations by Art for After Hours

Using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) with our 3D murals in paint and/or chalk

The new direction for today beyond 3D illusions alone - Art for After Hours 4D blends animated and still augmented reality, virtual reality experiences, even moving to blur the planes of physical and virtual spaces with 4D street painting world simulations.

Below are seven 4D immersive installation projects by Art for After Hours using augmented and/or virtual reality live onsite with 3D artwork in either dry chalk or painted mural settings.  Please click on images for full pictures.   Art for After Hours 4D installations are designed by Anthony Cappetto creating the 4D technologies alone or working with professional vendors depending on size and scope of project. In any case, please have your approved budget, schedule, and event date for contracting ready prior to contacting us. Serious Inquiries Only.  Contact Art for After Hours at 4dstreetart@artforafterhours.com or arstreetart@artforafterhours.com for booking.


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