'A Puzzling Reality...' 3D Street Art by Anthony Cappetto at Part of Antwerp Festival in Antwerp, Belgium

I had the pleasure this month to be invited to participate in 'Part of Antwerp', an international art festival as one of a group of top street artists creating 3D street painting at indoor and outdoor locations along the Port of Antwerp.  I was the sole American artist participating at the Festival. This is my 3D street art piece - 'A Puzzling Reality...'.


This piece in its concept uses a motif of fading imagery and approach starting with the puzzle itself.  Viewers noticed a puzzle piece that had fallen out of the vertical panel which is actually the 'real' of the group of sunflowers in a field with dragon flies under a blue sky with clouds.

The puzzle piece at left falls onto the puzzle on the ground area in front of the vertical while I pick up another piece to put into place.

The puzzle itself fades away into reality in a similar way to different drawn aspects of the art themselves fading from completion such as the sunflowers, leaves in higher detail radiating from the seed centers to the grass at the bottom front of the 3D illusion.  The dragon flies, drawn from the standpoint of a graphic complete the connection of the art as a cohesive 3D anamorphic illusion by Cappetto.

3D Street Artist Anthony Cappetto (USA) interviewed by ATV.be as part of artist ensemble at Part of Antwerp Art Festival - September 2017.

Cappetto 'testing' the puzzle piece to make sure it fits...  :D

Cappetto 'testing' the puzzle piece to make sure it fits...  :D


Thank you to my hosts, Part of Antwerp, the Add More Colors Agency, Nele, and the full team who made our artist experience exciting, fun, and fulfilling!