'Betta Fish Kite' 3D Street Painting by Anthony Cappetto in Crewe, England...

August began a string of new, exciting projects for Art for After Hours starting with a whirlwind trip to the friendly town of Crewe, England where we participated in the 'Chalk it Up' Festival.

Below:  Anthony working on his 3D illusion in the morning... 

ACappetto at work 2.JPG
ACappetto Betta Fish Kite smaller.jpg

And at the end of the Festival, completed 'Betta Fish Kite', a 3D street painting by Anthony Cappetto of Art for After Hours. The art measures 12 feet wide, 16 feet deep, took two days to complete.

Back to new projects in Baltimore, Maryland and Antwerp, Belgium...  More to follow... Stay tuned...

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