3D Street Art Installation for Refugee Awareness - 'Refugee: Here but Not Here...' by Anthony Cappetto (with Wendy Stum) of Art for After Hours

This 3D installation recently completed takes a serious turn to show 3D street art's ability to bring a message to its viewers.

Art for After Hours 3D street artist Anthony Cappetto with Wendy Stum created the art at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida this year as we have been regular participants since 2010 with many 3D exhibition works. This one was more important to us in its message and delivery.

This is a video clip we did during the event in which Cappetto is blowing bubbles in solidarity with our refugee girl whom an aid worker had given a bottle of soap bubbles to entertain her for a few moments, taking her away from the stark conditions around her.

'Refugee: Here but Not Here...' Anthony Cappetto with Wendy Stum

In the spirit of the Sarasota Chalk Festival's 2017 theme of Evanescence, we present the story of a refugee child.  Amidst the rubble and desolation of a stop on her journey, she blows bubbles representing some of the nations with the most dramatic refugee crises. We selected South Sudan, Syria, and Myanmar (Burma).  As a child, enjoying for the briefest of moments - a chance to be a child while sharing a message with the viewers.  We the viewers hear and read about refugees' plights, but our thoughts move past them as we put down the information and move on with our lives.

They are 'here but not here...'.


Anthony Cappetto is an internationally recognized 3D street artist working in chalk, paints, to create thoughtful, conceptual works across the world.  Founder of Art for After Hours in 2001, the first professional company designing and creating 3D street painting and mural art for corporate, festival, tradeshows, and exhibitions.  Cappetto has brought his work to projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, UAE, India, Japan, Uruguay, Mexico, and across the USA. 

Cappetto is also an Early Adopter of Immersive and Emerging Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality (4D) as part of his 3D street art installations in the USA and India.

Wendy Stum is Marketing Director of Art for After Hours, an avid member of the street painting art industry, and assist with projects such as these.  See more about us on our About page on the Art for After Hours site.

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